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Stop Attacking Social Security!

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 01/25/2011 @ 8:37:41 AM
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From Bob Herbert:
When you see surveillance videos of some creep mugging an elderly person in an elevator or apartment lobby, the universal reaction is outrage. But when the fat cats … [Keep reading >>]

Big Money Trying to Destroy Social Security

Filed under: Economy — by Will Kirkland 11/22/2010 @ 9:48:23 AM
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Tell Market Place, Peter Peterson Spent $1 billion of His Own Money to Cut Social Security

Friday, 19 November 2010 05:56

BusinessWeek editor Peter Coy told Market Place radio listeners that Peter … [Keep reading >>]

GOP: Kill Social Security

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 09/26/2010 @ 7:27:24 PM
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“Buried in the twenty-one-page [ "Pledge to America"] document is the real pledge: a discussion of “reviewing” Social Security and other entitement programs” and a commitment to a program “requiring … [Keep reading >>]

Social Security is NOT in Trouble; Repeat

Filed under: Action! | Economy — by Will Kirkland 08/16/2010 @ 12:36:05 PM
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All readers of or about retirement age and depending on Social Security for some if not most of their income should read Krugman and others who insist on the truth, … [Keep reading >>]

Cheating Teachers of their Social Security

Filed under: Education | Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 05/13/2009 @ 4:19:30 PM
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Here’s an in-your-own-backyard issue you may not be familiar with. Education folks, indeed anyone with a public pension benefit, are disallowed by U.S. law from receiving any Social Security … [Keep reading >>]

Dean Baker: Economist for the Rest of Us

Filed under: Economy — by Bob Meyer 01/13/2009 @ 6:39:34 PM
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Unlike economists Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz, Dean Baker hasn’t won the Nobel Prize. But like fellow progressives Krugman and Stiglitz (and that’s how they refer to themselves), Dean Baker … [Keep reading >>]

Joe the Plumber Hates Social Security

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 10/16/2008 @ 8:06:31 AM
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This ought to bring those undecideds screaming into McCain’s camp…. … [Keep reading >>]

Weed-Whacking Regulation

Filed under: Democrats | Economy | Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 09/20/2008 @ 8:14:03 AM

Thomas Frank holds the sole lefty opinion post at the Wall Street Journal and is doing a pretty good job at it. Here he offers analysis and advice to … [Keep reading >>]

The McCain Squeeze Corps

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 07/16/2008 @ 5:10:40 PM
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The Press corps merely squeezes John McCain, lovable old war horse that he is; a gentle currying, a tug on the forelock and a squeeze around the neck. No … [Keep reading >>]

Filed under: FrontPage — by Bob Zuber 08/15/2005 @ 3:23:00 AM

Social Security: Saving What WorksCritical Voices from Mid-AmericaSocial Security is a huge issue in aging West Viriginia. Writing in the Charleson Gazette (Reg. Required), Frank Bellinetti explores some of … [Keep reading >>]

Social Security: A Pattern of Deception

Filed under: Critical Voices — by Bob Zuber 08/13/2005 @ 6:31:00 AM

Critical Voices from Mid-AmericaWriting in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Marvin A. McMickle derides the ‘ownership society’ and the half-truths that underwrite it: “Perhaps we had better stick with a system … [Keep reading >>]

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The least pain in our little finger gives us more concern and uneasiness than the destruction of millions of our fellow-beings.

-William Hazlitt, essayist


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