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Help Bill Halter Halter Blanche Lincoln

Filed under: Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 06/3/2010 @ 8:48:32 PM

Just in case you are counting . . . there are 5 days left until the AR Primary Runoff. Bill Halter is doing great and you can help push … [Keep reading >>]

Mark Halter Needs YOU to Defeat Blanche Lincoln

Filed under: Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 06/1/2010 @ 6:38:43 PM
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Dear MoveOn member,

When I announced that I was taking on Senator Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary three months ago, none of the political insiders thought we had a … [Keep reading >>]

The Bill to Campaign for Lincoln in AK

Filed under: Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 05/21/2010 @ 3:57:01 PM
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I understand loyalty and all that, but to campaign against a fellow Dem in a race that is a tight as a gnat’s orifice seems unseemly to me… but then, … [Keep reading >>]

You Can Send Blanche Home: Help Halter

Filed under: Action! | Democrats | Politics — by Guest 05/19/2010 @ 6:43:50 AM


I’m in Little Rock at Bill Halter’s election-night celebration, and the energy here is truly incredible. Bill just told the crowd: “Today we put the special interests and political insiders on … [Keep reading >>]

Howard Dean: Big Night for Progressives

Filed under: Democrats | Elections | Politics — by Will Kirkland 05/19/2010 @ 6:42:30 AM

Howard Dean Tells TPMDC: ‘Big Night’ For Progressives
“This is a big night for people who really want Washington to be a change agent,” Dean said, adding the results show … [Keep reading >>]

Whitman’s Lead Collapses

Filed under: California | Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 05/6/2010 @ 7:11:35 AM

Pretty interesting news from the California gubernatorial race track.
Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman’s lead in the Republican race for California governor has shrunk dramatically as the billionaire candidate … [Keep reading >>]

Wall Street Reform: First Vote Imminent

Filed under: Democrats | Economy | Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 04/26/2010 @ 12:55:06 PM


“Senate Republicans, united in opposition to the Democrats’ legislation to tighten regulation of the financial system, voted on Monday to block the start of floor debate.

“The vote was 57 to … [Keep reading >>]

Rendell Blasts Fellow Dems

Filed under: Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 04/21/2010 @ 8:05:48 AM

In a panel discussion in which most of is ire was directed at the Republicans and Eric Cantor (R-VA) sitting with him, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell let loose on fellow … [Keep reading >>]

Senators Crippling the US

Filed under: Democrats | Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 02/9/2010 @ 10:07:58 AM
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To add to Russ Daggett’s piece, below (with his update from Gail Collins of the NY Times) let’s add Krugman from yesterday.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Polish … [Keep reading >>]

Plenty of Angry Analysis

Filed under: Action! | Democrats | Obama Administration | Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 01/20/2010 @ 12:01:46 PM

The Massachusetts defeat of Democratic Senatorial candidate, and long time Attorney General, Martha Coakley by arch conservative trucking around in populist clothing, Scott Brown has stirred a lot of anger … [Keep reading >>]

Meet Jonathan Tasini in Mill Valley

Filed under: Democrats | Events | FrontPage — by Bob Meyer 12/4/2009 @ 1:18:45 PM
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Come meet a progressive candidate for the senate from a major state.
Sanders and Feingold could use some company. Get to know Tasini and see what you think.

RSVP Here … [Keep reading >>]

Garamendi Puts Progressive Face in Congress

Filed under: Democrats | Politics — by Will Kirkland 11/4/2009 @ 3:35:04 PM

So Ellen Tauscher, who went off to the State Department as Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, has been replaced by John Garamendi.  Sort of puts … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

An avidity to punish is always dangerous to liberty. It leads men to stretch, to misinterpret, and to misapply even the best of laws. He that would make his own liberty secure must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.

Tom Paine

---"Dissertations on First Principles of Government," 1795

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