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The Kite — over the Lebanese-Israeli Border, a Film

Filed under: Middle East | Movies — by Will Kirkland 04/7/2011 @ 2:17:05 PM
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Many years ago I translated The Manuscript of a Crow, a short story by Spanish author Max Aub, the protagonist of which was a crow relating its observations of human … [Keep reading >>]

More Arabic Fiction in Translation

Filed under: Books | Middle East — by Will Kirkland 02/1/2011 @ 9:34:23 AM
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As a follow up to my earlier posting of Arabic authors in English translation, as grass-roots democracy boils across the Arab world, I ran across the Times Literary Supplement announcement … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon: A Small Step for Political Stability

Filed under: Lebanon — by Bob Zuber 05/23/2008 @ 5:10:53 AM

Beirut’s Daily Star assesses the strengths and challenges of the recent ‘Doha Agreement’: “One other potential snare that must be noted – and hopefully avoided – stems from the … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon Returns from Hell

Filed under: Lebanon — by Will Kirkland 05/20/2008 @ 7:19:37 PM

“After the rout of pro-US March 14 militias at the hands of the Hizballah-led opposition forces in Beirut and Shouf mountains last week, a Qatari-led Arab League delegation sent to … [Keep reading >>]

US Ships Near Lebanon

Filed under: Lebanon | Torture | War — by Will Kirkland 05/18/2008 @ 12:40:56 PM

The violence in Lebanon is excruciating and ugly. Sectarian murders and torture between Sunni and Shia have marked the mobilization of the Hezbollah opposition [which includes the Aoun led, Christian, ... [Keep reading >>]

6th Fleet Flagship to Lebanon

Filed under: Middle East — by Will Kirkland 05/15/2008 @ 8:20:07 AM
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The U.S. Navy’s 6th Fleet flagship, the USS Mount Whitney, sails this week for an unscheduled deployment toward Lebanon and Cyprus to support Navy ships already at sea, Navy … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon: Political Mediocrity

Filed under: Lebanon — by Bob Zuber 05/9/2008 @ 4:07:22 AM

Beirut’s Daily Star puts the blame for renewed street violence squarely on the inadequate leadership shown by both ruling and opposition parties: “The question is not whether these and other … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon: New Threats

Filed under: Lebanon — by Bob Zuber 05/8/2008 @ 10:11:15 AM

Al Jazeera is providing regular updates on the escalating violence between Hezbollah and government forces: “Fears that the political conflict in Lebanon could escalate into sectarian conflict were heightened when … [Keep reading >>]

The Middle East: Gloomy Forecast

Filed under: Lebanon | Middle East — by Bob Zuber 05/8/2008 @ 7:50:26 AM

Writing in Beirut’s Daily Star, Rami Khouri sees trouble ahead for many of the region’s countries and peoples: “The demographics of the Middle East also increase economic and political stresses. … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon: Ten and Counting

Filed under: Lebanon — by Bob Zuber 12/23/2007 @ 4:53:38 AM

As reported by Beirut’s Daily Star, parliamentary officials have once again failed to resolve the conflict over how to elect a new president: “The country has been without a president … [Keep reading >>]

Lebanon: Lurching Towards Stability

Filed under: Middle East — by Bob Zuber 11/23/2007 @ 3:37:11 AM

As the country attempts to break the impasse over the next president, Beirut’s Daily Star attempts to get to the bottom of Lebanon’s seemingly endless political uncertainty: “Doing away with … [Keep reading >>]

The Race for 2008: Avoiding Another Disaster

Filed under: Bush Administration | FrontPage | Lebanon — by Bob Zuber 11/9/2007 @ 5:37:28 AM

This editorial from Beirut’s Daily Star provides a Lebanese perspective on what is at stake for the world in the next US presidential election: “It is US presidents who have … [Keep reading >>]

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