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Terror Attack against Israelis in India Work of Iran? Not So Fast

Filed under: Terrorism — by Will Kirkland 02/14/2012 @ 9:38:02 AM
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Juan Cole bring his informed opinion to bear on today’ headline story about car-bomb attacks against Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia.  The morning news showed Benjamin Netanyahu stating with … [Keep reading >>]

Anna Hazare, Fasting in India, Gets Government Concession

Filed under: Asia | Citizen Action | Corruption — by Will Kirkland 08/26/2011 @ 9:21:08 AM
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“Manmohan Singh, the Indian prime minister, has agreed for a parliamentary discussion on a tougher version of an anti-corruption bill following intense pressure brought on the government by a veteran … [Keep reading >>]

Anti Corruption Rally Tear Gassed in India

Filed under: Asia | Corruption — by Will Kirkland 06/6/2011 @ 12:03:34 PM
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Police swooped on India’s most famous yoga guru on Sunday, using teargas and batons to break up a fast against graft, risking more political headaches for scandal-tainted Prime Minister Manmohan … [Keep reading >>]

Progress in India?

Filed under: Asia | Economy — by Will Kirkland 05/29/2011 @ 12:19:16 PM
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I hope Nicholas Kristof’s enthusiasm has reason for being true, that the signs of progress he sees in high-rise office buildings in Calcutta are really matched by declines in infant … [Keep reading >>]

India’s New, Actual, Environment Minister

Filed under: Asia | Environment — by Will Kirkland 01/5/2011 @ 9:37:34 AM
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Jeez, a Minister of the Environment who actually believes the environment is more than a cash cow for multi-nationals.
Every time Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh says no to a project, … [Keep reading >>]

India’s war on a man of peace

Filed under: Asia | Health & Welfare | Nonviolence — by Will Kirkland 12/28/2010 @ 11:25:21 AM
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“More than 150 years ago, the British introduced a law in India designed to check rebellious natives. In 2010 this law has been used by an independent India to check … [Keep reading >>]

Kashmir Errupts Again

Filed under: Asia | War — by Will Kirkland 08/3/2010 @ 8:11:40 AM
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Actual, real peace in Kashmir would unlock the possibilities of peace around the region. Three wars have been fought between India and Pakistan over sovereignty in the area. … [Keep reading >>]

Heat Wave Kills in India

Filed under: Asia | Climate Change | Environment — by Will Kirkland 05/31/2010 @ 8:20:21 AM
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Another weather record set, this time not rains and flooding in Tennessee, but temperatures, prostration, death and dried up lakes in India.
Record temperatures in northern India have claimed hundreds of … [Keep reading >>]

More Bombings in India

Filed under: Asia | Terrorism — by Will Kirkland 01/2/2009 @ 6:32:37 PM

Yet another bomb attack on a railroad in India, this time in the far north east in Assam, where ethnic resentments boil over repeatedly.

The powerful bomb exploded on a crowded … [Keep reading >>]

Pakistan-India Tensions Rise

Filed under: Asia | War — by Will Kirkland 12/26/2008 @ 6:00:48 AM
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“Pakistan began moving thousands of troops away from the Afghan border toward India on Friday amid tensions following the Mumbai attacks, intelligence officials said.

The move represents a sharp escalation in … [Keep reading >>]

Pakistan Scrambles Jets as India Threatens

Filed under: Pakistan — by Will Kirkland 12/22/2008 @ 9:40:11 PM
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“… Pakistan scrambled fighter jets over several of its larger cities Monday, and India’s foreign minister told a gathering of Indian diplomats in New Delhi that the country is keeping … [Keep reading >>]

Terrorism for All

Filed under: Terrorism — by Will Kirkland 12/13/2008 @ 1:51:31 PM
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Terrorism and the Need for Context

From Arundhati Roy via Tom Dispatch

There is a fierce, unforgiving fault line that runs through the contemporary discourse on terrorism. On … [Keep reading >>]

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