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Vietnamese Storm Evacuation and African Deaths by Drought

Filed under: Climate Change | Environment — by Will Kirkland 07/30/2011 @ 12:00:49 PM
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Following the posts of the other day regarding Texas droughts, Iranian heat records and South Korean flooding we have today extreme weather in the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand as tropical … [Keep reading >>]

Buffalo Boy — A Film of Vietnamese Herders

Filed under: Asia | Movies — by Will Kirkland 04/11/2011 @ 2:11:35 PM
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The incredible, beautiful green of trees, grasses and rice against the blue rivers, blue skies and white clouds at the beginning of Buffalo Boy, seem like postcards of paradise. Bucolic … [Keep reading >>]

Alternatives to Amazon

Filed under: Books — by Will Kirkland 12/7/2010 @ 10:20:41 AM
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The Google e-bookstore is finally open.

Now, instead of going only to Amazon, or only to Barnes and Noble you can go to and find several million books, in e-format.

Many of … [Keep reading >>]

Weather Wilding

Filed under: Asia | Climate Change | Environment — by Will Kirkland 10/19/2010 @ 3:24:58 PM
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Benin, West Africa has taken it in the chops with greater than usual heavy rains.  44+ dead

Some 1.5 million affected in all of Africa.

Typhoon Megi is heading northwest towards the … [Keep reading >>]

Climate Watch

Filed under: Compassion Watch | Environment — by Will Kirkland 09/28/2009 @ 8:08:37 AM
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The tropical depression that dropped 20 inches of rain over Manila in 12 hours, flooding 80% of the city for a while is heading to Vietnam, and picking up … [Keep reading >>]

Vietnam: The Slowly Healing Wounds

Filed under: Asia | Veterans | War — by Will Kirkland 09/7/2009 @ 6:58:09 PM
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Osha Gray Davidson, on his blog True/Slant got hold of a very moving story from a Vietnam veteran named only Jim. Jim has been haunted by his time in-country … [Keep reading >>]

Calley Apologizes!

Filed under: War — by Will Kirkland 08/21/2009 @ 11:33:32 AM
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It was not the most horrific slaughter of innocents in the Vietnam war, but it became the most widely known, and condemned in November of 1969 when Seymour Hersh revealed … [Keep reading >>]

Vietnam: Huge U.S. Bomb Discovered

Filed under: Asia | Weapons — by Will Kirkland 01/7/2009 @ 8:54:51 AM
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“Construction workers in Hanoi have found a huge unexploded bomb that is believed to have been dropped by the United States during the Vietnam War, which ended in 1975, the … [Keep reading >>]

The Man Who Saved John McCain

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 10/28/2008 @ 8:17:15 PM
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Perhaps, in his retirement, as John McCain has hoped in his “Worth The Fighting For,” there will be time to contemplate and understand how he has succeeded and failed in … [Keep reading >>]

The Bush Administration: New Speech Writer

Filed under: Asia | Bush Administration | Critical Voices | Iraq — by Bob Zuber 08/28/2007 @ 3:10:55 AM
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Writing in Madison’s Capital Times, John Nichols explains why the ‘Vietnam Speech’ had to have been produced by an un-Bush-like figure: “Something tells me that President Bush did not write … [Keep reading >>]

Iraq: Playing the Vietnam Card

Filed under: Asia | Bush Administration | Critical Voices | Iraq — by Bob Zuber 08/27/2007 @ 3:57:37 AM
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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks that Bush is playing to the wrong audience: “But it’s easy to present a black-and-white version of history to a red-white-and-blue crowd who cannot bring themselves … [Keep reading >>]

American Air Power: “Incidents” R Us

Filed under: Asia | Empire | Iraq | War — by Bob Meyer 07/20/2007 @ 6:43:37 AM
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What’s on tap when we withdraw–”partially” of course–from Iraq? Tom Engelhardt doesn’t mince words: what’s to come is domination through air power, which entails the continuing slaughter of civilians. The … [Keep reading >>]

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