Sure you can donate! 4 to 5 people spend 8-10 hours a day finding and posting the news, links and opinions you read here. On top of that is a lot of behind-the-scenes work to integrate the latest developments in technology, graphics and search engines, not to mention maintenance and dealing with the inevitable crashes and worries. Small amounts help pay for the outside fees we have to pay. No one posting is paid a nickel. You’re certainly encouraged to support us with comments and leads but dough helps to. Those listed here have contributed over $50 each and are the true Blog Bricks. You can help too!

You can mail checks to: Ruth Group, PO Box 722, Mill Valley, CA 94942. Mark them “for the blog.”

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Laurie Affronte Anonymous Beth Ashley* Sybil Boutilier

DeAnne Butterfield & John Huyler* *Helen Louise Brown* Mildred Brown

Pam & Jim Campe Jnani Chapman Gatian Cunningham Maureen Dixon

Rob & Judy Egenolf* Cristi Egenolf & Graham Dell* Ira Eisenberg Michael Ferber

Suzanne Gilbert David Harris* Dolores Heeb Jim Hirst* Florence Holyman &

John Sherwood Kelly Horner Jay & Mary Hubert Robert Hunter Peter Joseph*

Claudette Josephson Jack & Pam Kaplan* Richard & Susan Kaplan

*Gardner Kent** *Kenneth King* Julia & Fiona Kirkland* *Will Kirkland*

Marty & Pamela Krasney Jacob Lalezari* Warren Langley* **Pam Lewis**

Carol Loverde Charles McGlashan & Carol Misseldine* Steve McNamara

Nancy Peters Tamra Peters Robert Meyer & Kristine Pfleiderer*

Phil & Lynn Ritter Susan Rouder Lexie Rome* Ruth Shapiro* Lexie Sifford

Darcy & Bill Shaw Bill & Jeanette Sims* Jenepher Stowell* Sally Taylor

Lulu Torbet Bob Whitson

* Each * indicates an additional Brick contribution — which we greatly do appreciate!

And of course you can make any donation and get a Blogger Paver!

Edward Becking Carolyn Botts Joyce Cole Graziella Danielli Rita Fink

Millie Fortier Louise Gilbert Harry Hull Sita Khufu Shelley Marder

Carole Mills Lora O’Conner Denise Otterson Natalie St. John

Susan Severin Ingrid Ramsey Amy Rothberg Catherine Scott

Evelyn Spire G Sullivan Paul Wingate Gail Woolaway Robert Wrubel

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