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Want Some Triclosan With That?

Filed under: Health & Welfare | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 08/21/2011 @ 11:47:41 AM
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An awful lot of people I know, including day care center operators and anxious parents have small plunger-bottles of anti-bacterial soap on prominent display — in bathrooms, guest bathrooms, on … [Keep reading >>]

Global Warming and Your Health

Filed under: Environment | Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 07/9/2011 @ 4:40:33 PM

A new UCS [Union of Concerned Scientists] report reveals that global warming threatens public health and increases health care costs by exacerbating ground-level ozone—the primary component of smog. Climate Change and Your … [Keep reading >>]

Looks Like It Was Sprouts

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 06/11/2011 @ 10:17:52 AM

After a scary long period in Europe, and the loss of millions of dollars worth of fresh vegetables, it looks pretty certain that the e-coli deaths came from sprouts at … [Keep reading >>]

Voucher Care is Not Medicare

Filed under: Economy | Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 06/6/2011 @ 12:23:26 PM
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Krugman on the shameless name games of the Republican Party.

…the G.O.P. plan simply reforms Medicare rather than ending it. I’ll just quote the blogger Duncan Black, who summarizes this … [Keep reading >>]

Cell Phones Named as Carcinogen

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 05/31/2011 @ 9:33:30 PM
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A new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) classifies cell phones as a possible carcinogen in the same category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.

A team of 31 scientists … [Keep reading >>]

Doctors Swing from Sole Practitioners to Practitioners for Others

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 05/30/2011 @ 4:56:24 PM
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From the NY Times series on Doctors:  As Physicians’ Jobs Change, So Do their Politics — Gardiner Harris.
With Republicans in complete control of Maine’s state government for the first time … [Keep reading >>]

Voters Go After GOP

Filed under: Health & Welfare | Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 04/27/2011 @ 3:50:25 PM
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Whew!  Is the great beast awakening?  The silly kids have been poking it with the stick of radical inequality for a year or more, now.

In central Florida, a Congressional town … [Keep reading >>]

Saul Landau & Norman Solomon on the Dangers of Nuclear Energy

Filed under: Environment | FrontPage | Health & Welfare | Nuclear — by Bob Meyer 04/22/2011 @ 1:18:41 PM

… [Keep reading >>]

Traffic pollution linked to brain damage

Filed under: Environment | Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 04/11/2011 @ 11:56:03 AM
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From California Watch this explanation of what is going wrong with decision making in the country…
Researchers at the University of Southern California found that short-term exposure to traffic pollution causes … [Keep reading >>]

Bernie Sanders in San Francisco, Feb. 25

Filed under: FrontPage | Health & Welfare | Labor / Unions | Organizing | Politics — by Bob Meyer 02/18/2011 @ 4:30:18 PM

Update: This event is now sold out. If you have a ticket, please arrive early. Doors open at 6:15.

… [Keep reading >>]

Why Trust WebMD?

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 02/8/2011 @ 5:20:14 PM
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Like most of you, I presume, I take to the internet when some unseasonal ache attacks me. What is this? Who knew there was a muscle there? … [Keep reading >>]

US Lags in Life Expectancy: Why?

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 01/25/2011 @ 3:31:35 PM

…beyond reducing smoking further, the single best strategy for extending American lives would appear to be extending universal health-insurance coverage below the age of 65.

From the National Academy of Sciences, and … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

It is impudent in the extreme for this man to go around Europe haranguing people on their duties to civilization when his own country presents one of the most lawless aspects of modern life the whole world affords.

Roger Casement
Irish Human Rights Champion

commenting on Teddy Roosevelt's 1910 Guildhall
speech telling Great Britain to either rule Egypt or get out.

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