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WikiLeaks and Assange: No Case for Encouraging Leaks

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 02/8/2011 @ 7:36:45 PM
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“U.S. investigators have been unable to uncover evidence that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange induced an Army private to leak government documents to his website, according to officials familiar with the … [Keep reading >>]

More Terrorist: Assange or Bush?

Filed under: Media | Pundits | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 12/28/2010 @ 11:02:37 PM
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Glen Greenwald was on CNN Monday night, “debating”  Fran Townsend, once George W Bush’s Homeland and Security adviser and now a regular CNN contributor:
If one thinks about it, there’s something … [Keep reading >>]

What WikiLeaks has Revealed

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Greenwald has a paste-up of some of the secrets WikiLeaks has revealed this year — not just the recent State Department cache that has been trickling out through the practiced … [Keep reading >>]

GetUp Australia Campaigns Against Assassination Calls

Filed under: Media — by Will Kirkland 12/16/2010 @ 9:33:45 AM
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“Dear President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder:

We, as Australians, condemn calls for violence, including assassination, against Australian citizen and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, or for him to be labeled … [Keep reading >>]

WikiLeaks News

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 12/10/2010 @ 5:46:47 PM
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Two items of particular interest this Friday:

1) The rape accusations against Julian Assange may be falling apart as one of his accusers leaves Sweden. Anna Ardin, one of two … [Keep reading >>]

Leaks: Pfizer Tired to Blackmail Nigerian Attorney General

Filed under: Corruption — by Will Kirkland 12/10/2010 @ 1:22:43 PM
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WikiLeaks Cable: Pfizer Pharmaceutical Tried To Blackmail Nigerian Attorney General Into Dropping Expensive Case Against Them

By Susie Madrak

This is the third story I’ve seen this week about criminal activity by major … [Keep reading >>]

How WikiLeaks Wins

Filed under: Corruption — by Will Kirkland 12/9/2010 @ 11:51:28 AM
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From Crooks And Liars:
The odd thing about Wikileaks is that their success has been assured, not by what they leaked, though there is some important information there, but by their … [Keep reading >>]

Assange Turns Himself In: Brits Won’t Let Him Out

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 12/7/2010 @ 10:39:43 AM
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A British judge sent Julian Assange to jail on Tuesday, denying bail to the WikiLeaks founder who vowed to fight efforts to extradite him to Sweden in a sex-crimes investigation.


SexCrimes? … [Keep reading >>]

Swiss Go All Righteous on Wikileaks

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 12/6/2010 @ 5:05:29 PM

Wow! How powerful is perceived self interest! The Swiss banks which almost never can be persuaded to act against high-financial rollers who hide their billions in Swiss banks, … [Keep reading >>]

Wikileaks and the New McCarthyism: Maybe we Just Need a More Open Government

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 12/5/2010 @ 8:46:40 PM
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Juan Cole has an interesting take on the WikLeaks document dump:
A big issue in the Wikileaks controversy has to do with restrictions on freedom of speech in a democratic society, … [Keep reading >>]

Ellsberg Asks Action on Amazon

Filed under: Action! | Books | Citizen Action — by Will Kirkland 12/4/2010 @ 3:24:03 PM
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Dear Friends
I hope you will join me and others in boycotting Amazon–inconvenient as that may be–to provide some counter-pressure to efforts by Senator Lieberman and the Administration to demonize, hound, … [Keep reading >>]

From WikiChina

Filed under: Asia | Media | Pundits — by Guest 12/1/2010 @ 8:43:19 AM
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Published: November 30, 2010
While secrets from WikiLeaks were splashed all over the American newspapers, I couldn’t help but wonder: What if China had a WikiLeaker and … [Keep reading >>]

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