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Anti Immigrant Power Broker Defeated in AZ

Filed under: Migration | Politics — by Will Kirkland 11/10/2011 @ 3:59:30 PM
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Oh man!  This is worth a yip-yip-yippie! from a high hill somewhere.
Never underestimate the power of grassroots organizing. That is a lesson that Russell Pearce learned the hard way.

A powerful … [Keep reading >>]

Get Ready For More Off-Color Policies

Filed under: Republicans — by Will Kirkland 01/4/2011 @ 6:48:44 PM
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Well, the screaming screens are in a dither about raunchy movies shown to 6,000 sailors and marines while aboard the USS Enterprise several years ago.  There are bare-nekid ladies in … [Keep reading >>]

GOP Blocks 9/11 First Responders Bill. Only John Stewart Thinks it Newsworthy

Filed under: 9/11/2001 | Republicans — by Carole Mills 12/20/2010 @ 2:54:37 PM
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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
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How Bad Would a GOP Rout Be for the Country? Very Very Bad

Filed under: Economy | Elections — by Will Kirkland 10/29/2010 @ 1:29:26 PM
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…future historians will probably look back at the 2010 election as a catastrophe for America, one that condemned the nation to years of political chaos and economic weakness.
Let’s hope that … [Keep reading >>]

Republicans Ready to Kill

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 12/18/2009 @ 10:29:47 AM
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“— Republican senators say they’re ready to do everything in their power to delay action on the Democrats’ health overhaul bill — including requiring lengthy amendments to be read aloud … [Keep reading >>]

Maher: Democrats are the New Republicans

Filed under: Pundits | Video — by Will Kirkland 06/24/2009 @ 8:19:52 AM
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[thx Jan B.] … [Keep reading >>]

Hypocrisy Bites

Filed under: Republicans — by Will Kirkland 06/16/2009 @ 8:06:24 PM
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UPDATE: Ensign resigns as Chair of the Senate Republican Policy Committee – charged with analyzing pending legislation.

“Sen. John Ensign today acknowledged an extramarital affair with a member … [Keep reading >>]

More Republican Two Facedness

Filed under: Law — by Will Kirkland 03/9/2009 @ 8:33:17 AM
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With short memory spans shaped by the onslaught of trivia and loud voices in the media many will not remember the behavior of the Republicans when Democrats opposed Bush judicial … [Keep reading >>]

The Republican Bust Up

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 10/25/2008 @ 10:21:25 PM

Many reports of long knives being drawn in the Republican camp.


Several McCain advisers have suggested to CNN that they have become increasingly frustrated with what one aide described as … [Keep reading >>]

More Racism from Republicans

Filed under: Presidential 2008 | Race — by Will Kirkland 10/16/2008 @ 3:25:02 PM
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These are the folks John McCain is proud to be proud of.

The newsletter of Chaffey Community Republican Women Federated, includes a crudely produced depiction of a $10 food … [Keep reading >>]

How to Market Obama to Republicans

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 10/14/2008 @ 9:34:21 PM
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Very instructive post by a Republican who voted for Obama in Virginia’s Open Primary.

You don’t win VOTES by fighting with people, you win by leading them to the better alternative … [Keep reading >>]

The Republicans Wrecked America

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 10/3/2008 @ 9:19:44 AM
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On thing Joe Biden did NOT do last night, for all his strong attacks on McCain (stronger than Obama the week before) was to wrap McCain and Bush in the … [Keep reading >>]

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