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Sick Politics

Filed under: Media | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 08/20/2011 @ 3:03:30 PM
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Kurt Andersen, the popular NYC NPR host of Studio 360, has a column long overdue in a mainstream newspaper, especially the NY Times: Our Politics Are Sick

…the most troubling thing … [Keep reading >>]

Paladino’s Filth

Filed under: Elections — by Will Kirkland 09/28/2010 @ 8:05:50 AM
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That Carl Paladino may be elected governor of the state of New York won’t have much direct impact on people in the state of California. Much more will result … [Keep reading >>]

Progressivism is a Cancer: Beck

Filed under: Politics — by Will Kirkland 02/20/2010 @ 5:14:07 PM

I think I should start a Know Your Enemies feature, make sure we are peeping over the warm cocoon of our own certainties. This guy Glenn Beck, doncha know, … [Keep reading >>]

Thieves Complain About the Loot

Filed under: Climate Change | Corruption | Environment — by Will Kirkland 11/26/2009 @ 12:13:12 AM
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Last week a minor brouhaha erupted on right wing blogs, dutifully reported by major media, over the purported implications of selected paragraphs and sentences of e-mail and other documents stolen … [Keep reading >>]

When will the disinformation end?

Filed under: California | Health & Welfare | Marin County — by Carole Mills 10/11/2009 @ 6:30:08 PM
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Friday night, State Senator Mark Leno appeared at a joint DFA-Marin/PDA-Marin meeting to discuss the state of the state (California budget cuts, 2/3 requirement of the legislature to pass a … [Keep reading >>]

Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize a Two-fer

Filed under: Obama Administration — by Will Kirkland 10/9/2009 @ 8:04:50 AM
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President Obama and all the rest of the world except the Nobel Peace Prize committee woke to the totally surprising news that Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. … [Keep reading >>]

What Is the Agenda of the Personality Driven Right?

Filed under: Pundits — by Will Kirkland 10/7/2009 @ 9:11:40 AM
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David Brin is a futorologist and author of Science Fiction / Fantasy books of some repute. He’s also on a mail list I keep an eye on. His … [Keep reading >>]

Obama Hatred: Not Particularly New?

Filed under: Media | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 09/16/2009 @ 8:25:16 AM
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Glenn Greenwald makes a pretty good case, along with Bob Somerby, that those who think the right wing attacks on Obama are new, or particularly vicious, aren’t remembering the decades … [Keep reading >>]

The State of Ignorance

Filed under: Health & Welfare — by Will Kirkland 09/14/2009 @ 3:55:35 PM
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From the nice folks south of the State of Ignorance

Talking Points Memo

While the protesters are circulating a photo showing the mall jam-packed, it turns out the picture’s a least five … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

It is impudent in the extreme for this man to go around Europe haranguing people on their duties to civilization when his own country presents one of the most lawless aspects of modern life the whole world affords.

Roger Casement
Irish Human Rights Champion

commenting on Teddy Roosevelt's 1910 Guildhall
speech telling Great Britain to either rule Egypt or get out.

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