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When Mitt Romney Came to Town

Filed under: Politics | Video — by Will Kirkland 01/16/2012 @ 1:37:03 PM

This is the complete movie, made on behalf of Newt Gingrich, holding Mitt Romney up to the light.

… [Keep reading >>]

Friday Morning Quarterbacks Calling for New Obama Team

Filed under: Media | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 01/9/2012 @ 1:59:02 PM
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Since the election hasn’t happened yet we can’t call the pundits Monday Morning quarterbacks, but more are weighing in prior to The Big Game! to give Obama unsolicited advice.  Bill … [Keep reading >>]

Giving Obama a Break

Filed under: Pundits | Women — by Will Kirkland 12/17/2011 @ 3:25:04 PM
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Gail Collins is on my daily read list.  Sometimes she’s a bit too cute, a bit too Maureen Dowdish, but more often she approaches the diva of top columnists, Molly … [Keep reading >>]

Delusional Gingrich Says Palestinians an “Invented” People

Filed under: Middle East | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 12/10/2011 @ 8:57:53 AM
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Newt Delusional Gingrich said in an interview on The Jewish Channel, that Palestinians were an “invented: people, that they were simply Arabs of the old Ottoman Empire and should have … [Keep reading >>]

Brooksie At It Again

Filed under: Pundits — by Will Kirkland 12/2/2011 @ 11:07:32 AM

Every minute reading David Brooks is a minute spent in the thickets of ignored data, implausible assumptions and reasonable contrivances to make the world seem very different than what it … [Keep reading >>]

All the Nastiness Started with Bork?

Filed under: Media | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 10/25/2011 @ 10:22:17 AM
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Joe Nocera, long time business columnist at the NY Times,and former Fortune Magazine editor, has recently moved to the opinion page of the Times. I had always read his business … [Keep reading >>]

Conservatives Call on the Rich to Pay Up

Filed under: Economy | Media | Pundits | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 08/23/2011 @ 8:49:23 AM
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A few grains of sanity in the vast vat of GOP madness:


…in an interview with Fox 4 News, multimillionaire Henry Bloch — co-founder and chairman emeritus of the tax preparation … [Keep reading >>]

Sick Politics

Filed under: Media | Pundits — by Will Kirkland 08/20/2011 @ 3:03:30 PM
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Kurt Andersen, the popular NYC NPR host of Studio 360, has a column long overdue in a mainstream newspaper, especially the NY Times: Our Politics Are Sick

…the most troubling thing … [Keep reading >>]

The News Corps Thugs

Filed under: Corruption | Media — by Will Kirkland 08/3/2011 @ 11:40:41 AM
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Frank Rich has a new piece in New York Magazine, his new home after leaving the weekly opinion piece at the NY Times after many years.  Titled “Murdoch Hacked Us … [Keep reading >>]

Murdoch and FOX: Updates

Filed under: Media — by Will Kirkland 07/25/2011 @ 9:22:32 AM
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What interests most US media watchers in the growing scandal over phone hacking in the Murdoch media empire, is when it will begin opening the doors of FOX news closets. … [Keep reading >>]

Murdoch’s News Corp and the hacked Climategate e-mail

Filed under: Corruption | Media — by Will Kirkland 07/20/2011 @ 9:54:26 PM
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Joe Romm points to a possible additional line of investigation into the Murdoch employee hacking consortium:
There have been countless independent investigations into the scientists whose e-mails were hacked in November … [Keep reading >>]

Murdoch’s Rebekah Brooks Arrested

Filed under: Media — by Will Kirkland 07/17/2011 @ 12:15:05 PM
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FORMER News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks has been arrested in connection with allegations of corruption and phone hacking.

The Sun

Today’s arrest of Rebekah Brooks, who was until Friday the chief … [Keep reading >>]

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