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Murdoch’s News Corp and the hacked Climategate e-mail

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Joe Romm points to a possible additional line of investigation into the Murdoch employee hacking consortium:

There have been countless independent investigations into the scientists whose e-mails were hacked in November 2009.  And the scientists have been (quietly) vindicated every time (see “The first rule of vindicating climate science is you do not talk about vindicating climate science“).

But we still don’t know who hacked the emails! And now we know that one of the key investigative bodies tasked with tracking down the hackers —Scotland Yard –  were compromised at the time.

Climate Progress

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  1. Andrew Skolnick:

    I’ve just coined a phrase to tie together the crimes of two tyrants: “Murdoch’s Plumbers.”

    As happened to Richard Nixon and his criminal gang, we are now witnessing the unraveling of a massive crime operation in which Rupert Murdoch used his “news” and media empire to gather information — both legally and illegally — not just to sell papers and TV ads, but also to blackmail politicians and destroy enemies.

    I predict “Climategate” in the end will prove to be an ironically apt name for the break-in that stole thousands of emails of climatologists, which Murdoch used in a false and misleading campaign to destroy the reputation of global warming scientists. Deja vu all over again.

    The most crooked president in U.S. history was brought down after his “Whitehouse Plumbers” got caught breaking into the Watergate Democratic Party headquarters looking for dirt to destroy Democratic candidates. Unfortunately, Republican President Gerald Ford broke his promise to Congress and pardoned Nixon for all of his crimes, known and unknown. There are plenty of right-wing ideologues who continue to deny and defend Nixon’s crimes. I suspect the same Fascerati will be coming to the Murdochs’ defense.

    I pray Murdoch, his son, and all the Murdoch Plumbers who carried out their illegal break-ins, will see some serious jail time.

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