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How Obama lost his voice, and how he can get it back

Filed under: Organizing — by Will Kirkland 01/16/2012 @ 4:18:23 PM
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Not much has changed in the Obama White House since Marshall Ganz wrote this opinion piece 14 months ago.  It is worth reading a concise and exemplary critique even at … [Keep reading >>]

Rural Organizing Project in Oregon

Filed under: Organizing — by Guest 06/24/2011 @ 2:59:20 PM
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Dear ROPnet,

Over the last month Congressman Greg Walden’s Central Oregon office has been receiving our “Notice of Foreclosure” over and over again; one from every county in the state.  Our ”Foreclose … [Keep reading >>]

Rebuild The Dream: Van Jones

Filed under: Organizing — by Will Kirkland 06/24/2011 @ 2:41:59 PM

Rebuild the Dream Launch Event … [Keep reading >>]

Clara Luper, Sit-In Leader in Oklahoma: Gone

Filed under: Heroes | Organizing | Passings | Race — by Will Kirkland 06/14/2011 @ 10:50:13 AM

As the obit says, we don’t know her name as we do Rosa Parks.  We ought to.

Ms. Luper was a history teacher at Dunjee High School in 1957 when she … [Keep reading >>]

Gus Taylor, Agitator: Gone

Filed under: Heroes | Organizing | Passings | Women — by Will Kirkland 06/14/2011 @ 10:47:41 AM

Gus Taylor, aka Augustus Tilove, died the other day at age 99.  Another passing of that great generation of agitators, organizers and union builders from the 30s and 40s.  Most won’t … [Keep reading >>]

Invite from Lynn Woolsey: It’s Time for Peace!

Filed under: Citizen Action | Organizing | War Resistance — by Bob Meyer 06/2/2011 @ 3:11:31 PM

… [Keep reading >>]

Bernie Sanders in San Francisco, Feb. 25

Filed under: FrontPage | Health & Welfare | Labor / Unions | Organizing | Politics — by Bob Meyer 02/18/2011 @ 4:30:18 PM

Update: This event is now sold out. If you have a ticket, please arrive early. Doors open at 6:15.

… [Keep reading >>]

Nonviolence and the Egyptian Revolution

Filed under: Middle East | Organizing — by Will Kirkland 02/11/2011 @ 12:29:30 PM
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It looks like the extraordinary lack of violence during the 17 days of the people’s insurrection in Egypt was not simply an accident.
Dalia Ziada, a long-time human rights activist and … [Keep reading >>]

Reversing the “Death Spiral to Plutocracy” – Chuck Collins in SF, 12/13

Filed under: Citizen Action | Common Good | Economy | Organizing — by Bob Meyer 12/12/2010 @ 10:13:11 AM

Two days before Bernie Sanders made his heroic 8.5 hour speech on the floor of the Senate, he asked Chuck Collins to send him everything he had on inequality. You … [Keep reading >>]

The Slogan Was Not “Yes He Can”

Filed under: Democrats | Obama Administration | Organizing — by Will Kirkland 11/12/2010 @ 8:52:51 PM
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Van Jones is my man:
Speaking with MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur on Tuesday, Van Jones issued a passionate rally cry for progressives to stop whining about what President Obama hasn’t … [Keep reading >>]

Who Shut Down the Hope Machine?

Filed under: Organizing — by Will Kirkland 11/10/2010 @ 11:58:19 AM
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Van Jones had some words for activists gathered last weekend at the Sanity/Fear face off on the Mall:
“Now, here’s our problem,” he says. “Most of the people who are in … [Keep reading >>]

Roll Back of Climate Change Effort Fails in CA

Filed under: California | Climate Change | Environment | Organizing — by Will Kirkland 11/3/2010 @ 2:44:13 PM
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From ClimateProgress:
Prop 23 fails by a staggering 61% to 39% in a “decisive and historic victory for the state’s clean energy economy, clean air and climate policy”
California is … [Keep reading >>]

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