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Planning for Drastic Climate Change Reversal

This article appeared in the NY Times and Herald Tribune on October 4, 2011.

Should planning for drastic solutions to a climate tip-over be carried out?”

With political action on curbing greenhouse … [Keep reading >>]

Against Steve Jobs Nostalgia

Filed under: Passings | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 10/8/2011 @ 7:25:07 AM
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Mike Daisey pens an appropriate and compensatory piece, to balance the tides of emotion overrunning the sea-walls of rationality following the death of Steve Jobs

Apple has more power than at … [Keep reading >>]

Apple Polluting in China?

Filed under: Asia | Environment | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 09/2/2011 @ 2:56:37 PM
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Apple is defending itself against a fresh barrage of criticism from Chinese  environmental activists over alleged pollution by the manufacturers who make its  iconic iPhones, iPads and other products.

In a … [Keep reading >>]

Want Some Triclosan With That?

Filed under: Health & Welfare | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 08/21/2011 @ 11:47:41 AM
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An awful lot of people I know, including day care center operators and anxious parents have small plunger-bottles of anti-bacterial soap on prominent display — in bathrooms, guest bathrooms, on … [Keep reading >>]

POP-sicles Melting: Toxic Chemicals Back from Icy Graves

Filed under: Climate Change | Environment | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 07/31/2011 @ 10:14:25 AM
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Oh great!  Not only does melting arctic ice contribute to rising sea levels and steal away bear habitat, it is releasing once frozen “persistent organic pollutants [POPs] back into the atmosphere … [Keep reading >>]

54.5 MPG by 2025: Polite Applause by Car Makers

Filed under: Climate Change | Energy | Environment | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 07/29/2011 @ 11:29:36 AM
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After months of hand-wringing by industry lobbies and environmental groups, President Obama announced the new round of Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards, known as CAFE, on Friday in Washington. The standards call for … [Keep reading >>]

Science and Islam

Filed under: Religion | Science & Technology — by Joyce Cole 07/21/2011 @ 9:20:39 AM
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Good article in the Chronicle of Higher Education:
Science in Muslim societies already lags far behind the scientific achievements of the West, but what adds a fair amount of contemporary angst … [Keep reading >>]

Solar Windows

Filed under: Energy | Environment | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 06/25/2011 @ 11:57:16 AM
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Windows are, by their nature, solar devices, as the Romans discovered when glass was first used, and as cats and humans know who bask in their warmth.  Driven by the … [Keep reading >>]

Solar City

Filed under: Energy | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 06/17/2011 @ 8:42:41 AM
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In a world where hope is running close to empty, this is a sniff of good news.

Two-thirds of New York City’s rooftops are suitable for solar panels and could jointly … [Keep reading >>]

Budget battle torpedoes NOAA Climate Service

Filed under: Economy | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 04/12/2011 @ 4:56:20 PM
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Some days my worry card is so full I just want to sit the next dance out…

The continuing resolution that would fund the government through the end of September would … [Keep reading >>]

All Sea Rise is not Equal

Filed under: Climate Change | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 04/11/2011 @ 11:29:40 AM
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from BBC Science:

New York is a major loser and Reykjavik a winner from new forecasts of sea level rise in different regions.

[Interesting stuff about the gravitational pull of massive glaciers ... [Keep reading >>]

Climate Change Measurement: Lend a Hand

Filed under: Citizen Action | Climate Change | Environment | Science & Technology — by Will Kirkland 03/27/2011 @ 11:53:11 AM
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Very useful article in the Sunday SF Chronicle Home and Garden about measuring budding time of local trees, as a measure of increasing temperatures.  Everything from first robin to first … [Keep reading >>]

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