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Ron Paul Supporters Hacked: Not Pretty

Filed under: Politics | Race — by Will Kirkland 02/3/2012 @ 12:21:47 PM
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Several sites have picked up on claims by Anonymous that it has hacked into American Third Position (A3P) and discovered a trove of data linking Ron Paul with members of … [Keep reading >>]

Ron Paul Supporters Show Their “Colors”

Filed under: Politics — by Will Kirkland 01/6/2012 @ 7:19:19 PM
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Ron Paul himself may not know about these ads.  Being informed, he will certainly say he did not know.  He may even say he disapproves.  Strongly.  Many of his supporters … [Keep reading >>]

Mr. Paul and His Ugly Supporters

Filed under: Republicans — by Will Kirkland 12/26/2011 @ 1:47:51 PM
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For any who are intrigued by Ron Paul’s anti-war stance in Iraq and Afghanistan, his let ‘em alone ideas on drugs, his bucolic views on the paradise being prevented by … [Keep reading >>]

GOP Monetary Madness and Ron Paul

Filed under: Economy — by Will Kirkland 12/21/2011 @ 11:21:27 PM
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I seem to have forgotten to post Krugman’s December 16 column called GOP Monetary Madness.  But since a missing friend appeared out of the internet thickets the other day, and … [Keep reading >>]

Gingrich Fading Fast, Paul Coming up On the Rail

Filed under: Elections — by Will Kirkland 12/19/2011 @ 3:03:24 PM
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Nate Silver, well respected for his multiple poll analysis, pops Ron Paul out of the hat today.

Paul: 26 Romney:21 Perry:14 Gingrich:14

And what does it mean if Paul wins? And then … [Keep reading >>]

Moral Values

Filed under: Compassion Watch — by Will Kirkland 09/16/2011 @ 7:41:54 AM
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The inestimable David Brooks saw fit to bemoan the state of the nation’s youth in his September 12 NY Times column.  Based on a study of 230 young people [230!!] … [Keep reading >>]

WikiLeaks News

Filed under: FrontPage — by Will Kirkland 12/10/2010 @ 5:46:47 PM
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Two items of particular interest this Friday:

1) The rape accusations against Julian Assange may be falling apart as one of his accusers leaves Sweden. Anna Ardin, one of two … [Keep reading >>]

Ron Paul Wows 15,000

Filed under: Politics — by Will Kirkland 09/3/2008 @ 7:43:12 PM

Meanwhile, not to far from the McCain follies in Minneapolis, Ron Paul held his own convention.

Call it the real Republican convention.

At least that is how Ron Paul, a US congressman … [Keep reading >>]

Ron Paul and the Reps

Filed under: Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 05/13/2008 @ 7:26:10 PM
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Did you know that Ron Paul got 16% of the Republican votes in the Pennsylvania primary — after he had dropped out? Think that might mean problems for John … [Keep reading >>]


Filed under: Politics | Presidential 2008 — by Will Kirkland 11/25/2007 @ 10:03:24 PM
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“I’m thinking about Ron Paul” as a running mate, Kucinich told a crowd of about 70 supporters at a house party here, one of numerous stops throughout New Hampshire … [Keep reading >>]

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