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Moyers and the Media Report

Filed under: FrontPage | War | Bush Administration | Blogs | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/29/2007 @ 9:43:35 PM

I just watched my tivoed copy of the Bill Moyer’s report on the failure of the national media in the run-up to war: Buying the War

I have to say, it … [Keep reading >>]

Filed under: FrontPage | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/28/2007 @ 9:30:10 AM

Tom Tomorrow at HuffPo

… [Keep reading >>]

More on Moyers

Filed under: FrontPage | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/27/2007 @ 7:41:55 AM

Greenwald on Moyers

The fraud that was manufactured by our government officials and endorsed by our media establishment is one of the great political crimes of the last many decades. Yet … [Keep reading >>]

Halberstam — Gone

Filed under: FrontPage | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/23/2007 @ 9:52:07 PM

David Halberstam, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and tireless author of books on topics as varied as America’s military failings in Vietnam, the deaths of firefighters at the World Trade Center … [Keep reading >>]

The Media & The War

Filed under: Iraq | Media | FrontPage | War | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/21/2007 @ 7:55:16 AM

Set your recording devices for Wednesday’s PBS broadcast of Bill Moyer’s “Buying the War.” You’ll want to have it available next time promises of a cake-walk war appear in the … [Keep reading >>]

The Media: Blogger Journalists

Filed under: Critical Voices | FrontPage | Blogs | Reporters — by Bob Zuber 04/16/2007 @ 4:56:32 AM

Writing in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Kate Parry discusses an issue that many newspapers find they must now address, specifically their allegedly impartial political reporters who now also do more partisan … [Keep reading >>]

Reporter Watch: Brian Ross

Filed under: FrontPage | Reporters — by Will Kirkland 04/9/2007 @ 5:22:45 PM

Glenn Greenwald cautions us against Brian Ross, of ABC, reporting that Iran could have nuclear weapons by 2009. Ross, he points out, was the shovel man for the load … [Keep reading >>]

You have to keep digging, keep asking questions, because otherwise you’ll be seduced or brainwashed into the idea that it’s somehow a great privilege, an honor, to report the lies they’ve been feeding you.

David Halberstam
(1934 - 2007)