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200,000 Kenyan Teachers Strike Over School Cuts Diverted to the Military

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More than 200,000 Kenyan teachers went on strike Tuesday to protest the diversion of government funds meant to hire more teachers and ease classroom overcrowding, a union official said.

The money … [Keep reading >>]

Egypt: Tahir Square Again in Turmoil

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Egyptian security forces and protesters clashed for a second successive day in central Cairo on Wednesday in scenes not seen since the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak in February.

Riot … [Keep reading >>]

Inch’ Allah Dimanche: Algerian Immigrants to France

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Immigration is big in the news these days – mostly the opposition to it– around the world. It is absolutely the case that most people welcome immigrants when … [Keep reading >>]

Libya Oil Minister Appears in Rome: I Have Left My Country

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Though this defection was claimed two weeks ago it was then disputed:  No, no!  Said Brother Leader, he’s on a trade mission.  Well, yes, I guess so.  He’s trading countries; … [Keep reading >>]

The Veil – Ahdaf Soueif, Egypt/U.K.

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Ahadaf Soueif, is a Cairo born, Egypt and U.K educated, writer, predominantly of fiction. She got major attention with her novel, A Map of Love which was shortlisted for … [Keep reading >>]

Senator Imhofe, Fundamentalist Christians ♥ Ivory Coast Despot

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From Justin Elliot’s reporting at

The west African nation of Ivory Coast has been in turmoil ever since incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo refused to step down after losing an internationally … [Keep reading >>]

Report from Egypt – Lillie Paquette

Filed under: Africa | Citizen Action | Middle East — by Will Kirkland 04/11/2011 @ 10:46:13 AM
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This is the latest report from friend Lillie Paquette in Cairo. If you have been following her you remember she was there for a year before the ousting of … [Keep reading >>]

Libya: It’s Not True Until It’s An Act, Not a Speech

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Libya: Col Gaddafi ‘accepts road map to peace’

Col Gaddafi has accepted the African Union’s “road map” for a ceasefire with Libya’s rebels, according to Jacob Zuma, the South African president.

  … [Keep reading >>]

Turkey Offers to Broker Talks in Libya

Filed under: Africa | Middle East — by Will Kirkland 03/27/2011 @ 1:53:41 PM

The Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signalled thatTurkey is ready to act as a mediator to broker an early ceasefire inLibya, as he warned that a drawn-out conflict … [Keep reading >>]

Season of Migration to the North — Tayeb Salih, Sudan

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I’ve been trying to keep my focus on fiction and film from the North African/Middle Eastern countries where the 2011 uprising are taking place, wanting to understand what we hear … [Keep reading >>]

Sudan Heats Up

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Security forces beat and arrested student protesters in the Sudanese capital on Sunday as the unrest and antigovernment fervor in Tunisia and Egypt showed their first indication of spreading to … [Keep reading >>]

Tunisian Unrest Moves to Egypt

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Guardian, UK posts, updating by the minute

Downtown Cairo is a war zone tonight – as reports come in of massive occupations by protesters in towns across Egypt, the centre of … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

It is impudent in the extreme for this man to go around Europe haranguing people on their duties to civilization when his own country presents one of the most lawless aspects of modern life the whole world affords.

Roger Casement
Irish Human Rights Champion

commenting on Teddy Roosevelt's 1910 Guildhall
speech telling Great Britain to either rule Egypt or get out.

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