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Right-wing Roundup

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Huntsman on GOP’s anti-science stances: ‘We have a huge problem
“The minute the Republican party becomes the anti-science party, we have a huge problem,” he said. “When we take a position that … [Keep reading >>]

Bachmann: “Submissive” doesn’t mean subservient

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The only thing sorrier than Obama’s performance is the quality of those who would take his job.

See Bachman

See Perry:

Rick Perry Says Social Security And Medicare Are Unconstitutional

  … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

Heaven doth with us as we with torches do,
Not light them for themselves; for if our virtues
Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike
As if we had them not.

Measure for Measure
Willy S; 1604

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