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“I Think of You” — Stories from Ahdaf Soueif, Egypt and England

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Giving birth in a Muslim hospital where a sign in English reads, ‘Under no circumstance you must be alone with male doctor.  Call sister urgently if male doctor approaches you … [Keep reading >>]

Yusuf al-Qa’id: A Tale from Egypt

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In light of current events I’ve been reading, particularly, Egyptian authors in The Anchor Book of Modern Arabic Fiction. I thought you might like this short, Tolstoy-like tale, from Yusuf … [Keep reading >>]

Background Egypt: The Yacoubian Building – A Novel and Movie of Cairo

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I rushed home last night to watch the Egyptian movie “The Yacoubian Building,” just arrived from Netflix.  It was released in 2006, based on Alaa Al Aswany’s  2002 novel of … [Keep reading >>]

Nawal El Saadawi: Still in the Mix in Cairo at 80

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Nick Kristof in one of his posts from Tahrir Square in Cairo, talks about a hero of his, Dr. Nawal El Saadawi.
In the center of Tahrir Square, also known as … [Keep reading >>]

Words for Acts

It is impudent in the extreme for this man to go around Europe haranguing people on their duties to civilization when his own country presents one of the most lawless aspects of modern life the whole world affords.

Roger Casement
Irish Human Rights Champion

commenting on Teddy Roosevelt's 1910 Guildhall
speech telling Great Britain to either rule Egypt or get out.

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