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Eastern Tibet under lockdown following self-immolation of three Tibetan herders

Filed under: Asia | Religion — by Will Kirkland 02/7/2012 @ 9:33:45 PM
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“The Serthar area of eastern Tibet remains under tight lockdown after three Tibetan herders, including a 60-year old man, set themselves on fire on Friday (February 3). This brings the … [Keep reading >>]

More Self Immolations in Tibet

Filed under: Asia | Religion — by Will Kirkland 01/9/2012 @ 2:31:01 PM
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Three Tibetan monks in central China set themselves on fire this weekend, raising to 15 the number of suicides in the last year by Buddhist clergy members protesting aspects of … [Keep reading >>]

Has Perry’s Texas Invoked the Wrath of God?

Filed under: Environment | Religion — by Will Kirkland 09/8/2011 @ 4:30:08 PM
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“With leading Republican Presidential candidates tripping over themselves to see who claim the mantle of most Godly to their minions, just maybe God is showing his displeasure with the most … [Keep reading >>]

Radical Christian Group Promotes Texas as the Godly State and Perry as its Messenger

Filed under: Religion — by Will Kirkland 08/11/2011 @ 8:44:26 AM
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Not Kidding you:
Forrest Wilder of the Texas Observer appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show to discuss the New Apostolic Reformation, a evangelical Christian group that sees Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their … [Keep reading >>]

Sharia Fears: Who’s Behind It?

Filed under: Religion — by Will Kirkland 07/31/2011 @ 11:48:43 AM
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Good work at the NY Times, with a front page Sunday investigative piece:  Why the multi-state drive to create fear of imposition of Islamic sharia?  Aha!  It’s not quite as … [Keep reading >>]

Science and Islam

Filed under: Religion | Science & Technology — by Joyce Cole 07/21/2011 @ 9:20:39 AM
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Good article in the Chronicle of Higher Education:
Science in Muslim societies already lags far behind the scientific achievements of the West, but what adds a fair amount of contemporary angst … [Keep reading >>]

Egypt: Who is Driving the Sectarian Violence?

Filed under: Middle East | Religion — by Will Kirkland 05/9/2011 @ 7:43:55 AM
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The apparent built-in human readiness to believe anything about the Other is like nitroglycerin carried in egg shells on bad roads.  A series of pothole-rumors can set the whole thing off. While … [Keep reading >>]

Japan Quake is Sign of Second Coming: Franklin Graham

Filed under: Disaster | Religion — by Will Kirkland 03/20/2011 @ 6:03:44 PM
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Blooney Tunes!
It’s time for a change of lyrics in that kids’ praise song, “J is for Jesus.” According to Rev. Franklin Graham, J is not only for Jesus, it’s for … [Keep reading >>]

Bush Plan Drove Christians from Iraq

Filed under: Religion | War — by Will Kirkland 01/20/2011 @ 9:22:55 AM
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In the great scheme of tens of hundreds of thousands dead perhaps this is a little thing, but as a born again Christian former President Bush might be more troubled … [Keep reading >>]

An Evening with Chris Hedges: “The Death of the Liberal Class”

Filed under: Democrats | FrontPage | Labor / Unions | Obama Administration | Religion — by Joyce Cole 11/29/2010 @ 2:44:22 PM
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KPFA Radio 94.1FM presents

An Evening with CHRIS HEDGES
“The Death of the Liberal Class”
Tuesday, November 30, 6:30 pm
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing at Durant, Berkeley
$12 advance tickets: :: 800-838-3006
or: … [Keep reading >>]

Carter: Church State Separation Virtually Gone

Filed under: Religion — by Will Kirkland 11/2/2010 @ 7:40:48 AM
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Jimmy Carter’s been a good man, done good things.  Two things he did, however, have brought consequences not so good. One was the beginning of meddling in Afghanistan – to … [Keep reading >>]

The Extreme Right is On the Move. What’s Up With You?

Filed under: Organizing | Politics | Religion — by Will Kirkland 10/15/2010 @ 9:34:13 AM
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A special message from:


Shock and Awe:  Polls Move Right since we started … [Keep reading >>]

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