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Italian Government Falls

Filed under: FrontPage | Afghanistan | Italy — by Will Kirkland 02/21/2007 @ 10:13:54 PM

Let’s see if I have this straight:

9 months ago Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s richest man and head of Italy’s center-right coalition of parties, was sent packing by new elections in which … [Keep reading >>]

Italy: Rendition Requests

Filed under: FrontPage | Torture | Italy — by Will Kirkland 07/5/2006 @ 9:07:18 AM

Well Italy beat Germany in the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup. More vital news is coming out of the courts, however.

Italian spy director arrested over CIA kidnap

An Italian … [Keep reading >>]

Fascist Law Defeats One

Filed under: FrontPage | Italy — by Will Kirkland 04/14/2006 @ 10:10:21 PM

This is quite a remarkable tale. A law designed in Italy under Berlusconi’s reign, with roots deep in the fascist mythologies of race, has come back to bite Mr. … [Keep reading >>]

Berlusconi: Same Old Nastiness

Filed under: FrontPage | Politics | Italy — by Will Kirkland 04/13/2006 @ 3:34:02 PM

Next time someone thinks out loud about the sweet natured Italians remind them of Burlesque-oni.

“You Thought You Had Got Rid of Me?”

Berlusconi’s Sticking Power: “You Thought You Had Got Rid … [Keep reading >>]

Italy: Why Governments Matter

Filed under: Law | FrontPage | Terrorism | Italy — by Will Kirkland 04/12/2006 @ 8:57:59 AM

After extensive investigation, testimony and fact finding by Italian prosecutors regarding a foreign kidnapping ring on Italian soil the Justice Minister of the Berlusconi government has decided not to forward … [Keep reading >>]

Terrorism In Italy

Filed under: FrontPage | Terrorism | Italy — by Will Kirkland 04/6/2006 @ 7:34:49 AM

Stratfor, a business oriented intelligence group sent this out yesterday. I have posted articles previously about alerts in Italy for election disrupting terrorist attacks. If Stratfor is right the immediate … [Keep reading >>]

Terrorist Threat to the Italian Elections

Filed under: FrontPage | Terrorism | Italy — by Will Kirkland 03/28/2006 @ 9:05:39 PM

We hope Jamestown analysts are wrong on this.

Italy is on a state of high alert for possible terrorist attacks during the final phase of the elections campaign. Voting is … [Keep reading >>]

Illegal Immigrants: Italy

Filed under: FrontPage | Italy | Migration — by Will Kirkland 03/28/2006 @ 10:34:39 AM

Just so you know, immigration is not just an issue in the US of A. Take Italy, for example.

“It seemed generous enough at first: the government offers 170,000 permits for … [Keep reading >>]

France on bird flu war footing

Filed under: FrontPage | Health & Welfare | France | Italy — by Will Kirkland 02/19/2006 @ 10:34:13 AM

We are in Bologna, Italy, briefly following serveral days in Venice. Carnivale is warming up there in new corporate style with massive light and sound shows drawing masked and … [Keep reading >>]

Italy: Cartoon Brains Resigns

Filed under: FrontPage | Religion | Middle East | Italy — by Will Kirkland 02/18/2006 @ 9:09:43 AM

This idiot, a minister in the Italian government, from a right-wing party let me point out, not only printed up T-shirts and offered to hand them out, but wore one … [Keep reading >>]

In Dante’s Hell those guilty of the sin of cupidity are in the ninth circle, frozen in the Lake of Ice. Having cared for nothing but self in life, they are encased in icy Self for eternity. By making people focus only on oneself in this way, Satan and his followers turn their eyes away from the harmony of love that unites all creatures.

Philip Zimbardo
The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil