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Loud Mouth Braggart Watch

Filed under: Politics | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 01/24/2012 @ 10:56:19 AM
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I for one can’t watch the Repugnant Debates.  I have to depend on others to give me the details textually so I can skip and skim. Newtie, as usual, slung … [Keep reading >>]

Gingrich Rides the Horses of Animus And Vituperation to South Carolina Victory

Filed under: Politics | Race | Republicans — by Will Kirkland 01/21/2012 @ 5:17:16 PM
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Well, the good people of South Carolina have hung a flapping, hysterical albatross around the the Republican Party and the country at large, even if Newt Gingrich bombs with the … [Keep reading >>]

The Tea Party Frauds

Filed under: Politics — by Will Kirkland 01/16/2012 @ 1:30:25 PM
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Timothy Egan takes a look at the fire breathing Tea Partiers and finds them as duplicitous/confused as the people they claim to hate…

…polls in key primary states show that people … [Keep reading >>]

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