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Greece: Anti-Austerity Anger

Filed under: Economy — by Will Kirkland 02/7/2012 @ 8:49:41 PM
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From Link TV


Protests have erupted in the Greek capital with thousands of people joining strike action over the prospect of more budget cuts. Unions say the economy is being driven downwards … [Keep reading >>]

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair

Filed under: Corruption | Economy — by Will Kirkland 11/30/2010 @ 12:03:11 PM
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Most of you will know the very readable Michael Lewis from one of his well known books, from Money Ball, to The Blindside to recently, The Big Short.  Before his … [Keep reading >>]

Goldman Sachs: Betting the Patient Will Die

Filed under: Corruption | Economy — by Will Kirkland 02/26/2010 @ 8:35:58 AM
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Greece has been in the news for a host of bad reasons in the past weeks.  Essentially the country, like much of the US, has been living off of ever-inflating … [Keep reading >>]

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